Tony Blair highlights benefits of medical technology

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Date: 19 October 2006

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Tony Blair highlights benefits of medical technology

ABHI has welcomed the Prime Minister’s comments this week on the advantages that advances in medical technology have delivered for both patients and the NHS.

Speaking at his monthly press conference on Tuesday Mr Blair, accompanied by the new Chief Executive of the NHS David Nicholson, fielded several questions from journalists about the state of the NHS. The Prime Minister highlighted new and better ways of working as the solution to some of the NHS’s current financial and staffing troubles, such as moving treatment out of hospitals, and having specialist services moved under one roof.
Emphasising the benefits that medical technology can offer Mr Blair gave the example of how the advances in pacemaker technology meant that patients are now having them fitted faster than ever before and spending less time in hospital.
ABHI Director General John Wilkinson responded to the PM’s comments saying, “Advances in medical technology have delivered massive benefits to patients in terms of reducing inconvenience and suffering, and have also contributed by saving the NHS time and money through faster and more effective treatments. Innovation is the key to developing better treatments and building an NHS for future generations. We need to ensure that this progress continues by investing in R&D and encouraging the NHS to embrace new ideas and ways of working.”
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