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In Quiet Night dir: Jenny Bowen

Dr. Doolittle dir: BettyThomas

Mr. Jones dir: Mike Figgis

Deceived dir: Damian Harris

Midnight Run dir: Martin Brest

Light of Day dir: Paul Schrader

Men Don’t Leave dir: Paul Brickman


The Girl Next Door Lead CBS/MOW

Step Toward Tomorrow Lead CBS/MOW

Holiday Affair Lead USA/MOW

All Together Now Lead CBS/Pilot

My Very Best Friend Lead CBS/MOW

Innocent Victims Lead ABC Miniseries

My So Called Life Series Lead ABC/Bedford Falls

Country Estates Pilot Witt/Thomas

My Life an Times Series Lead ABC/dir: Michael Apted

In The Best Interest of the Child Lead CBS/MOW

To My Daughter Lead NBC/MOW


Misha’s Party dir: Richard Nelson Williamstown

New England dir: Howard Davies Off Broadway

My Thing of Love dir: Terry Kinney Chicago/London/LaJolla

Frank’s Wild Years dir: Gary Sinise Steppenwolf

Balm in Gilead dir: John Malkovich Steppenwolf

Tracers dir: Gary Sinise Steppenwolf

The Miss Firecracker Contest dir: Gary Sinise Steppenwolf

You Can’t Take It With You dir: Frank Galati Steppenwolf

The Homecoming dir: Jeff Perry Steppenwolf

No Man’s Land dir: John Malkovich Steppenwolf

Three Sisters dir: Austin Pendelton Steppenwolf

Aunt Dan and Lemon dir: Frank Galati Steppenwolf

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof dir: Austin Pendelton Steppenwolf

The Glass Menagerie* dir: E. Steiner Northlight Theater, Chicago
(Tom is a member of the Steppenwolf Theatre Co. of Chicago)

*Joseph Jefferson Award


Your Home In The West Steppenwolf

Miss Julie Steppenwolf

Stage Struck Steppenwolf

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Steppenwolf: Outreach Program

Night Mother New Stage, Jackson, MS

Long Days Journey into Night New Stage, Jackson, MS

Beyond Therapy Pheasant Run, Chicago

Richard II Free Shakespeare Company

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