Tolstoy to the present in translation

University Course Policies

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University Course Policies

    1. Student Conduct Code

    1. Use of Personal Electronic Devices in the Classroom

Student Conduct Code (pdf)

Instructor and Unit Responsibilities Policy

FAQ on Scholarstic Dishonesty

    1. Appropriate Student Use of Class Notes & Course Materials

    1. Grading and Transcripts

    1. Disability Accommodations

    1. Mental Health & Stress Management

Get Connected!

The Slavic Languages & Literatures Program (SLL) has a listserv (SLL-Undergrad) for undergraduate majors, minors, and other students interested in things Slavic. We created this list so that we might communicate more easily with you about matters that might be of interest: scholarships, courses, programs, events and the like. We don’t anticipate we will be sending out information frequently, so it shouldn’t add much to your e-mail inbox.

Students who declare a Russian major or minor are automatically added to this listserv.

Subscribing, unsubscribing, and changing options (digests, passwords, etc.) are all done via the web. The list has its own webpage with instructions and an online form:

To subscribe to SLL-Undergrad

Go to Click on "Join or Leave SLL-Undergrad" and complete the subsequent form. Use that link to unsubscribe when you graduate. Please use your U of MN e-mail address to subscribe.

If you have any questions or problems, e-mail

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