Toll-free Maine Consumer Assistance

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Toll-free Maine Consumer Assistance

1-800-332-8529 (1-800-DEBT-LAW)

TTY users call Maine relay 711

Maine Foreclosure Prevention Hotline



Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection





The Maine Bureau of Consumer Credit Protection was established in 1975 to enforce a wide variety of consumer financial protection laws, including:

-Consumer Credit Code

-Truth-in-Lending Act

-Fair Credit Billing Act

-Truth-in-Leasing Act

-Fair Credit Reporting Act

-Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

-“Plain Language” Contract Law

The Bureau conducts periodic examinations of creditors to determine compliance with these laws; responds to consumer complaints and inquiries; and operates the state’s foreclosure prevention hotline and housing counselor referral program. The Bureau also conducts educational seminars and provides speakers to advise consumers and creditors of their legal rights and responsibilities.

William N. Lund


July 2014


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