Tobss first International Symposium ‘The Era of King Brian Boru’ Full Programme Saturday 2 July 2016

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TOBSS First International Symposium

The Era of King Brian Boru’

Full Programme
Saturday 2 July 2016
09.00 Welcome by TOBSS Founding Patron, Lord James M O’Brien and Opening Address by TOBSS Founding Patron, Lady Cheryl O’Brien

09.15 Keynote Lecture: Professor Seán Duffy (Trinity College Dublin): ‘Ireland's high-kingship in the era of Brian Boru’

It is very often the case that the popular perception of a great historical figure is at variance with that of specialist opinion. An internet search for Brian Boru, for example, turns up the frequently repeated statement that he was the last high-king of Ireland, whereas academic literature is more likely to claim him as the first! Presumably, one or other view is wrong and so this paper re-examines the evidence. Were there high-kings of Ireland before Brian Boru? Was Brian any more effective than his predecessors in ruling all Ireland? Was he an innovator in political terms, introducing a new kind of national kingship? How did he justify his claim to be king of Ireland? How did he fund his bid for power and how did he maintain his hold on power? And what kind of kingship did he bequeath to his successors? Was his a positive legacy?

Download 39.78 Kb.

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