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Yesterday in a land far away, a prince of the beloved town had just married a young beautiful loving girl named Cinderella, after searching for his beloved princess in many locations. She had left and ran away from him after they had been dancing all night until the clock had strike midnight.

Cinderella then had just ran off with no heartless sense guiding her only leaving a shred of evidence, a shoe.

For days the prince had not slept nor ate, for only he wanted to reunite with his beloved princess Cinderella. Meanwhile back at Cinderella's house, she had been reported of torture by her 2 cruel step sisters watching her suffer doing chores for them while they had all the fun, yet she knew she couldn't escape with her sisters interloping all the time.

The prince had other plans, and he thought up a brain shocking idea he said, "what if I look for whom this shoe belongs to" with his servants replying, "for shall it be said, for shall it be granted". The prince then went on a mission and had searched for the future princess day and night but he couldn't find Cinderella. His servants kept telling him "It's impossible to find her", but he had a deep desire to continue with his prolonged search for Cinderella and would go to any measure to find his bride to be.

Then one day the prince had stumbled upon Cinderella's home. When the prince had entered her home, he saw her two evil stepsisters and mother. He had tried the shoe on all 3 of them and the shoe did not fit. He had his hopes up, and just before leaving he saw Cinderella in a damp lonely corner, well he tried the shoe on her and success the shoe had fit. After all was said and done they got married and lived peacefully together forever.

yesterday land away prince beloved town just married young beautiful loving girl named cinderella after searching beloved princess many locations left away from after they been dancing night until clock strike midnight cinderella then just with heartless sense guiding only leaving shred evidence shoe days prince slept only wanted reunite with beloved princess cinderella meanwhile back house been reported torture cruel step sisters watching suffer doing chores them while they knew couldn escape with sisters interloping time prince other plans thought brain shocking idea said what look whom this shoe belongs servants replying shall said shall granted then went mission searched future princess night couldn find servants kept telling impossible find deep desire continue prolonged search would measure find bride then stumbled upon home when entered home evil stepsisters mother tried shoe them hopes just before leaving damp lonely corner well tried success after said done they married lived peacefully together forever

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