To settle comfortably in some place

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Animal Farm


Chapter 1

1. ensconced v. to settle comfortably in some place

2. cynical adj. skeptical, pessimistic

3. acquired v. to gain or possess as one’s own

4. laborious adj. requiring much labor

5. abolish v. to put an end to

6. enmity n. the spirit of an enemy; hostility
Chapter 2

7. preeminent adj. distinguished among others

8. vivacious adj. lively

9. gamboled v. skipped about in play

Chapter 3

10. implements n. equipments used for performing manual or mechanical operations

11. obstinate adj. stubborn

12. cryptic adj. being intentionally obscure (unclear) and mysterious

13. indefatigable adj. not tiring

14. maxim n. a general truth or principle

Chapter 4

15. tractable adj. easily controlled

16. irrepressible adj. impossible to restrain or control

17. ignominious adj. dishonorable

Chapter 5

18. eloquence adj. forceful and persuasive in speech

Chapter 6

19. arable adj. fit for crops

20. malignity adj. harmful; desiring or wishing pain, injury or distress to another

21. indignation n. anger aroused by something unjust or unworthy

Chapter 7

22. pervading v. spread through every part of

23. menacing n. threat of danger

24. tumult n. confusion o loud noise and movement

25. incited v. arouse to action
Chapter 10

26. morose adj. sullen; showing a disagreeable mood

27. taciturn adj. not inclined to talk

28. filial adj. relating to a son or daughter

29. deputation n. delegation; representatives

30. dispelled v. cleared away; caused to separate or break up

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