To report a claim call: 1-877-928-4531 (1-877-zbuild1). Claims can be reported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Yale University rocip policy Numbers

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Zurich North America Claim Reporting Instructions
TO REPORT A CLAIM CALL: 1-877-928-4531 (1-877-ZBUILD1).

Claims can be reported 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Yale University ROCIP Policy Numbers
Workers Compensation WC 5346733

General Liability GLO 5346732
Note: In the event of a catastrophic injury (includes fatality, brain injury/loss of consciousness, amputation of a major body part, and loss of vision), CALL 911.

Once the injured party is receiving medical treatment, CALL the loss in to Zurich at the above number. When calling in a catastrophic loss, tell the call center person that this is a catastrophic loss and ask that the after hours Zurich claim person be paged.

Two Ways to report a claim:

1.) Toll-free Claim Reporting telephone number for reporting a claim.

The Construction dedicated telephone number is 1-877-928-4531 (1-877-ZBUILD1).

2.) Toll-free fax number for reporting a claim.

Simply fill out the Reporting Guide Form, which you will find in the claim kit, and fax this form to Zurich toll-free fax number at 1-866-691-7068.

When reporting a Workers Compensation loss by phone, please indicate that you are a contractor that is enrolled in the Yale University Rolling OCIP. FIRST provide the Workers Compensation policy number shown above (WC 5346733). SECOND, identify the name of your company, and if available at the time, also provide the policy number that is shown on your Certificate of Insurance.
Once a loss is reported by you, the Claim Care Center immediately registers and assigns reported claims to the Rocky Hill, CT Claim Office for prompt handling. (See the Zurich Contact Form in the Claim Kit for a list of Zurich Contacts).
Any claim correspondence and Workers Compensation medical bills should be sent to:

Zurich North America

P.O. Box 4030

Rocky Hill, CT 06067-4030

Please put claim # on any correspondence, when possible.

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