To : Mr. Jesse Flis Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Department of Foreign Affairs Ottawa/ Ontario

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peace keepers in the region.
A slow reintegration of Macedonia into both Bulgaria and Albania seems to offer the best

chance of success for averting a civil war. This policy would avoid much of the extreme violence

which occurs during civil disorders and would guarantee the safety and rights of the existing

minority groups. A division of the region into Albanian and Bulgarian provinces could be

brought about in much the same way as Czechoslovakia divided itself into the Czech and Slovak

Republics. This course of action would address the fears of both the Greeks and the Serbs while still

meeting the national aspirations of the diverse Macedonian population. Reintegration of the

provinces into their respective countries could eventually be brought about by long term trade

agreements and cultural associations, both of which would provide a much needed economic and

social stability to the region. Unfortunately leadership from the international community has been

lacking and any solution to this dilemma will have be developed locally by the Bulgarian and

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