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is still a coalition of Serbian ex-communists and Albanian nationalists

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is still a coalition of Serbian ex-communists and Albanian nationalists.
Macedonia's present population is made up of predominantly Bulgarians, with about a

quarter of the population being Albanian and the remaining 5% made up of Vlah's (Romanians),

Turks, Romi (Gypsies) and Serbs. Cultural and religious differences between the Bulgarian and

Albanian population make the stability of the region severely in question. The Albanians are

predominantly Muslim and speak a separate (Albanian) language and neither Bulgarians nor

Albanians see themselves as "Macedonian". This fact alone puts the long term stability of the region

in doubt. Unlike other regions of the former Republic of Yugoslavia, which have their own distinct

cultures, the people of Macedonia still have close cultural and linguistic tics to their neighboring

countries: Bulgaria and Albania. Mutual hatred of the Serbs, by both the Albanians and the

Bulgarians in Macedonia virtually guarantee the disintegration of the fledgling republic as we

know it. A forced or imposed solution on the majority of the population to keep the republic together does not seem likely of success, given the temperament of the people living in Macedonia.

Perhaps the most reasonable solution is to allow the Albanians to join with Albania and the

Bulgarians to join with Bulgaria. Unfortunately this solution is not very popular in international
circles. The Serbs arc unwilling to lose their influence over the fledgling republic, as most certainly would occur in the above mentioned case. The Creeks oppose this plan for fear that it will incite nationalistic feelings amongst its own Bulgarian population in Aegean Macedonia. The European nations are fearful to take any bold steps in the regions for fear of starting a multi-national war.

The Americans, in particular, have recognized this potentially volatile situation and have posted 500

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