To : Mr. Jesse Flis Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Department of Foreign Affairs Ottawa/ Ontario

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exist in Macedonia today.

Contemporary Situation
In September of 1991 the Macedonian provincial parliament held a referendum for

independence from Yugoslavia which passed with overwhelming support from the people. Three

major political parties were formed after independence : the Macedonian socialist party (made up of the former Serbo-communists), the Albanian democratic party and the Bulgarian re-unification

party (IMRO : internal Macedonian revolutionary organization). The Bulgarian independence party

won the majority of seats in the first parliamentary elections but were defeated by a coalition

government formed by the former Serbo-communists (Macedonian communists) and the Albanian

nationalists.3 The Albanian party joined the communist party primarily out of fear that they would

lose their cultural identity in the event of a Bulgarian unification and in order to gain a

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