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Serbs and Greeks who had fought against the Germans

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Serbs and Greeks who had fought against the Germans.
An even more vicious period of ethnic cleansing against the Bulgarian populations

occurred after those regions were rcincorpo rated into Yugoslavia and Greece. The Serbs killed over

12,000 Bulgarians and immediately imprisoned 120,000 more, out of a Bulgarian population of 1.2

million. The lack of success in their previous policy of cultural assimilation lead them to change a

significant part of their oppressive policy. Whereas before they tried to impose the Serbian

language and culture unilaterally on the Bulgarian people, a policy which met with much

resistance, now they permitted Bulgarian to be spoken, albeit with several limiting restrictions.

Bulgarian was to be taught in schools in a bastardized form with Serbian characters and words

infused into this new language, known commonly today as "Macedonian". The Serbs hoped to first

quench the national aspirations of the Maccdono-Bulgarians, who wished to be reunited with their

kin in Bulgaria. In order to do this they tried to convince the conquered Bulgarians that they were

actually liberated "Macedonians" and formed part of culture previously unknown for over 2,000

years. The Bulgarian youth were to be taught that they were Macedonians culturally and

linguistically distinct from Bulgaria. The policy of cultural assimilation could then proceed,

although at a slower pace than before. With the repressive and mutually hostile regimes on both
sides of the Yugoslavian and Bulgarian border the Bulgarians in Yugoslavia were culturally and

socially isolated for over 50 years. Despite this policy over 500,000 -self-admitted Bulgarians still

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