Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

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Additional Work Needed:

We recognize that attaining sediment objectives does not necessarily mean that our overall goal will have been met, as the fate and transport of mercury from sediment to biota is unfortunately not that simple. Factors that drive the transformation of mercury from the solid (inorganic) phase to the dissolved and then organic phase will need to be evaluated. Information on precisely where and how mercury present in the system becomes a bioaccumulation problem is needed to insure that mass loading controls will result in attainment of beneficial uses. Numeric targets for constituents such as organic (methyl) mercury pore water, water column and biota concentrations may need to be developed if the sediment target does not achieve our goal of beneficial use support. Calculation of a total allowable load of Mercury so as to reduce concentrations in biota will require complex modeling and monitoring. As such, there will be a need for continued refinement of the Numeric Targets as we learn more about the system.

Year One

1/4 PY

$45,000 contracts

Year Three


$60,000 contracts

  • Develop numeric mercury loading target (TMDL)

Year Three


$25,000 contracts

Year Three

U.S. F.W.S. study (pending)

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