Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

Additional work necessary

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Additional work necessary:

  • Investigation of remediation options and cost-effective best management practices

  • Increased numbers of dairy inspections, including followup permitting as necessary

  • Development of watershed projects to address impacts of animal waste on runoff, including riparian fencing, nutrient budgeting

  • Continuation of onsite sewage system inspections and development of remediation measures for substandard or failing systems

  • Workshops and other educational measures for boaters

  • Work with local agencies to have boater pumpout stations installed

  • Petition to EPA for designation of Tomales Bay as a vessel waste no-discharge zone

  • Develop a Pollution Prevention and Control Implementation Plan including identification of target audiences, development of outreach and pollution control strategies, watershed restoration projects

  • Development of funding for restoration and riparian protection projects. Much of the work will require public funding or matching funds since many problems are private lands where owners cannot always afford to make the necessary improvements.

Staff and Contract needs:

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