Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

Monitoring and Re-Evaluation

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Monitoring and Re-Evaluation:

Work Needed:

Monitoring for adaptive mangement will be designed to test hypotheses regarding:

a) The effectiveness of management practices implemented to comply with sediment TMDL numeric targets for sediment production: how much have we reduced sediment input from human activities?
b) The response of the channel to a reduction in sediment load: Are the types, rates, and locations of changes in aquatic habitat condition occurring as predicted? Should the allowable sediment input from human activities be reevaluated?
c) Are the population levels of sensitive aquatic species responding positively to improvement in habitat conditions?
Monitoring for regulatory compliance would involve field and report review to confirm proper installation of effective management practices.
Staff and Contract Needs:

Year 4 1/4 PY $50,000 contract
TMDL Products: Monitoring program with regular monitoring reports to track success of actions and progress towards attainment of numeric target(s).
Basin Planning Process:
This section describes the additional work required to adopt regulatory provisions developed in the course of completing all of the tasks outlined above -- i.e. all stakeholder negotiations and technical documentation are completed in the other tasks.


Additional Work Needed:

Prepare package for Regional Board consideration (CEQA documentation, documentation of stakeholder processes and comments, responses to comments, peer review, notice of filing, etc.).

Year 5 staff: 1/2 PY
Prepare administrative record and OAL regulatory summary; provide staff support for State Board, OAL, and USEPA review.

Year 5 staff: 1/2 PY
TMDL product: Basin Plan amendments.

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