Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

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Implementation Actions

The implementation plan may include the following types of projects: 1) road erosion control and prevention projects; 2) streambank erosion control; 3) gully repair; 4) riparian revegetation; 5) large woody debris jam engineering; 6) conservation easements; 7) joint resolution of water supply and environmental water problems through alteration of diversion characteristics (structures, timing, location), improvement of irrigation efficiency, and construction of small off-stream ponds; 8) landslide stabilization; 9) modification of barriers to fish passage; 10) active intervention to restore channel-flood plain linkages and complex channel habitat; 11) pollution prevention plans; and 12) general plan revision and implementation measures governing land uses in unstable areas and key biological refugia.
Much of the work will require substantial public funding or matching funds to complete (many problems are on public lands, many private land-owners cannot afford to make changes, and those landowners that can afford to make changes will be resentful if they feel that the government is not also paying its fair share). Also, a ten to twenty year program for implementation of restoration projects should be envisioned.
Resource Needs:

Year 1 1/2 PY

Year 2 1/2 PY

Year 3 3/4 PY

Year 4 3/4 PY
TMDL Products: Implementation plan that specifies the allocation of responsibility.

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