Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

Year 1 1/4 PY 0,000 Contract

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Year 1 1/4 PY $100,000 Contract

Year 2 1/4 PY $100,000 Contract
TMDL Products: Sediment budgets
Implementation Plan:

(including Stakeholder Forum, Allocation of Responsibility, and Implementation Actions)

Work Needed:

Stakeholder Forum to facilitate development of Implementation Plan. Development and execution of an Implementation Plan to resolve sediment related water quality impairment will be best accomplished through a stakeholder involvement process. The stakeholder forum is best suited to share and distribute information, educate about problems, communicate legal requirements and agency intentions, provide incentives for pro-active involvement, describe adaptive management approach, forum for dispute resolution, set ground rules for participation.
San Francisquito Creek and Pescadero Creek have coordinated resource management and planning groups (CRMP) and watershed plans in-place. The CRMP for San Francisquito Creek basin has a paid coordinator and the group seems to work well together. The Pescadero CRMP is polarized and needs funding for a paid coordinator. No watershed group or plan is in-place in San Gregorio Creek. Contract dollars below are for a CRMP coordinator for the Pescadero-San Gregorio basins and a watershed plan for San Gregorio Creek basin. Stakeholder forums will be needed to coordinate multi-agency activities.
Allocation of Responsibility

Once the source analysis and numeric targets have been developed, there will be a scientific basis for development of an implementation plan that includes an allocation of responsibility. At that time, the stakeholder forum will provide a vehicle for comment and review of the TMDL including a discussion of social and economic impacts, and other opportunities and constraints that may influence effectiveness of the implementation plan.

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