Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

Year 3 1/4 PY ,000 contract

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Year 3 1/4 PY $50,000 contract
TMDL Products: Numeric targets for habitat attributes and related sediment loading based on regionwide effort.
Source Analysis:


Some sediment load and streamflow data are available in each of the named basin. No local sediment budget studies are known. Some regional sediment budget data (Lehre, 1982; Reneau, 1988) and regional sedimentation data (USDA, 1975; Brown and Jackson, 1973; Larsen and Sidle, 1980) are available. These data will assist in developing the sediment budgets, however they are insufficient for distinguishing major sediment sources and rates in the named water bodies to a level of accuracy needed for management and regulatory decisions. Funding for the Pescadero Creek basin sediment budget has been allocated through a 319(h) grant that will be initiated in 1999.

Work Needed:

Conduct rapid sediment budgets (Reid and Dunne, 1996): a) type and location of the major natural and management-related sources of sediment; b) approximate amount of sediment contributed by each type of source; c) grain-size distribution of sediment contributed from each source; d) the approximate volume and grain sizes of sediment in storage along streams; and e) the approximate transport rate of sediment through stream channels.

Resource Needs:

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