Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

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Implementation Plan:


A Napa River Watershed Task Force has been convened by the Napa County Board of Supervisors (beginning February, 1999). This task force is comprised of local citizens selected for their expertise and their ability to represent the views of interest groups within the Napa County community. Numerous agencies including the Regional Board, Natural Resources Conservation Service and the Napa County Resource Conservation District are advisory to this task force. The short-term mission of this task force is to make recommendations to the County Board of Supervisors regarding interim measures specific to the Conservation Ordinance, and intended to protect the economic, ecological and social health of the community. It is hoped that this forum will continue to serve as a long-term task force to address important issues in the Napa Valley. In order to be effective this task force needs to expand to include representation from the cities and the local flood control district.

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