Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

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Additional Work Needed:

If numeric targets for mercury and/or methylmercury are determined by the process to be necessary, they need to be defined as the total reduction in the constituents load necessary to achieve the desired mass balance. Since mercury is known to bind to sediments, it will be necessary for the TMDL to define and attain objectives for sediment mercury concentrations. These sediment objectives should be based on an assessment of pre-mining mercury concentrations in historic sediment deposits. It is therefore necessary to analyze historic sediment cores to determine pre-mining mercury concentrations in sediments. A conceptual mass balance model needs to be developed to evaluate the relationship between mercury loadings and the natural rate of burial/removal of mercury from the system. This model will be used to develop a quantitative model for the mercury budget of the system. It will also be necessary to develop a list of BMPs to control mercury discharges

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