Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

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Additional Work Needed:

The Source Analysis task described previously should result in the identification and characterization of problemmatic uses, applications, and/or formulations. This would lead to a combination of actions as discussed in the Implementation Plan element. Further, refinement of the allocation process would require much more detailed monitoring and modeling data.

Implementation Plan:


The Urban Pesticide Toxicity Control Strategy, Bay Area / Central Valley Coordinating Committee (Urban Pesticide Committee) was formed in December 1995 by the Central Valley and San Francisco Bay Regional Boards and Bay Area and Central Valley urban runoff dischargers when the urban pesticide toxicity issue surfaced. It’s original purpose was to coordinate its participant’s activities to develop and implement an urban pesticide toxicity control strategy. This approach/formula worked reasonably well in the early days of the committee (1996) as participants coordinated and/or shared fact finding activities and results. However, as of late progress has stagnated since participation is limited and participants have few activities to coordinate.

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