Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

Year 1 ¼ PY 0,000 contracts

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Year 1 ¼ PY $250,000 contracts

Year 2 ¼ PY

Year 3 ¼ PY

TMDL product: 303(d) listing review and refinement, method for assessing the narrative standard.
Numeric Targets: The Desired Future Condition:

The desired future condition is elimination of observed toxicity in urban creeks and attainment of a water quality objective for diazinon.


A preliminary analysis of the mass load of diazinon indicates that as little as 30 grams of diazinon out of an estimated total of 100,000 grams applied in an urban watershed in a year can account for observed concentration in the urban creek. These numbers are gross estimates and can only be confirmed through more extensive creek monitoring and source analysis. Deriving and verifying a reasonably accurate total maximum daily load of diazinon for each urban creek listed as impaired will be difficult and resource intensive.

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