Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

FY2001/02 ¼ PY FY2002/03 ¼ PY

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FY2001/02 ¼ PY

FY2002/03 ¼ PY

TMDL product: Standard protocols for monitoring exotic organisms (from other agencies such as CDFG). Evaluation of source control effectiveness and refinement of TMDL, if necessary, in two or more years.

Basin Planning Process:
This section describes the additional work required to adopt the regulatory provisions developed in the course of completing all of the tasks outlined above--i.e. all stakeholder negotiations and technical documentation are completed in the other tasks.
Basin Plan amendments regarding exotic species will begin with two phases. Phase I was described above under “general approach” and “problem statement,” and includes a Basin Plan Prohibition and Exception Mechanisms in Chapter 4.
Phase II of Basin Plan amendments will occur after a thorough, national review of available technology by appropriate experts and stakeholders. The Phase II amendments are expected to be much more detailed, and describe the best available technology economically achievable (BAT), any treatment-based standards or technology-based limits that are proposed, and the permitting program, if any, that is proposed for ports, marinas, and/or shipping companies. If NPDES permits are used, assuming revision of the federal regulations, then they will include prohibitions, technology-based effluent limitations, receiving water limitations, special provisions, and a self-monitoring program.

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