Tmdl schedule and workplans status july 1999

FY2000/01 1/8 PY k contracts

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FY2000/01 1/8 PY $50k contracts

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FY2000/01 1/8 PY

FY1999/00 1/8 PY

FY2000/01 1/8 PY

TMDL product: Source and loading characterization for ballast water and hull fouling.


There is no allocation. A fair allocation of responsibility for controlling sources of exotic species is a goal of this process, which will require extensive stakeholder involvement.

Additional Work Needed:

The Source Analysis tasks described above should result in the identification and characterization of ballast water and hull fouling sources that are contributing exotic species loads to the estuary. The sources will be responsible for gaining compliance with the Basin Plan by qualifying for an exception to the ballast water and/or hull fouling discharge prohibition through appropriate action.

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