Title Notes: Ch. 16. 4 (part II) Name

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World History

Title Notes: Ch. 16.4________________________ (part II) Name:

Learning Objective:

Battle of Leyte Gulf

Battle of Iwo Jima

Battle of Okinawa, April 1945

Manhattan Project

J. Robert Oppenheimer

Dropping of the Atomic Bomb

Hiroshima: BBC History of WWII

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Today I will be able to:

  • War in Europe was over, but NOT yet in the Pacific.

  • Fall 1944, Allies kept moving in on Japan.

  • General Douglas McArthur___________________________________& planned on to continue Island Hopping.

    • Japan planned to take out the U.S., but would have to risk its own fleet.

    • Oct. 23, 1944, in 4 days________________________________________.

    • After this battle, Allies had the Kamikazes to fear.

    • March 1945– Allies took hold of Iwo Jima Island that ______________________ to Okinawa.

    • ______________________ before getting to Japan, 350 miles away.

    • 10,000 troops Japanese & 12,000 Americans died.

    • 1942-45 U.S. government ____________________________project to produce the first atomic bombs.

    • Testing took place in ___________.

    • the head of the project & lead scientist.

    • US President Harry Truman had to decide to continue to ___________________ ______________________ quickly with the A-Bomb.

      • Truman took over after Frank D. Roosevelt’s death.

    • President Truman warned Japan to surrender or expect a “rain of ruin from the air.”

    • Japan __________________________.

    • Aug. 6, 1945—US dropped the A-bomb in Hiroshima

      • Over ____________________ Japanese citizens died.

  • ________________________, Aug. 9– A-bomb dropped in Nagasaki.

  • Japan finally ___________________ to General Douglas MacArthur on Sep 2, 1945

  • WWII ________________________________.

  1. What were some soldiers provided in case they were captured by Japanese soldiers?

  1. Why do you think the US troop felt very nervous about placing the red plugs on the bomb?

  1. Before, the bomb was dropped, what were some of the things Japanese people were doing?

  1. Those that got to see the explosion of the atomic bomb from a distance, what did they witness or experience?

  1. What happened to the people that were in open air near the bomb?

  1. How did the American pilots that dropped the bomb feel about dropping the bomb?

  1. Once the explosion was over, describe how the city changed? How did it look? What was the scenery like?

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