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Knock synopsis

Kuma Katok’s , a group of three hooded figures, knock on the door leads to the death of someone who is sick, wicked or disabled.
He loves to listen ghosts stories from her grandmother. Among those ghosts stories, his favorite one includes the story of Kuma Katok, a group of three hooded structure. This group comprises of three figures including two tall figures on the right and left of middle small figure who uses to knock at the door. Kuma Katok group comprising three figure moves towards a house having an alcoholic and wicked man in it. Man, drink liquor continuously from one bottle to the other one. His grandmother tells him that usually just a single knock from small stature leads to the death of someone, but there are certain rules which makes Kuma Katok restrain from knocking the door. Firstly, they can’t knock the door having across on it. Secondly, they can’t knock the broken door. Thirdly, they kill a person who is wicked, sick and disabled. At the door of drunk man’s house, Kuma Katok group stop because the door has whites crosses. Tall figures of the group start to scratch the white crosses while on the other hand small figure entered into the house through broken door. While moving forward towards the drunk man in the room, small figure successfully removed the white crosses and enters the room. As small figure enters the basement room, drunk man shoots himself in the head with his gun. In the end, after seeing the dead drunk man, small figure of Kuma Katok leaves the room and moves towards another room to scratch the white cross in its door.

Download 458.09 Kb.

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