Title j joint Conventions and Joint Committees Chapter 1

JR3-2-405  Committee order of business

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JR3-2-405  Committee order of business.

          Unless a committee chair, or a committee by majority vote, determines otherwise, the order of business for an appropriations committee is:

(1) call to order by the chair;

(2) approval of the minutes of previous meetings;

(3) announcement of the agenda;

(4) announcement of time restrictions, if any, subject to the requirements of JR3-2-604; and

(5) consideration of appropriations committee business.

Enacted by H.J.R. 15, 2017 General Session
Part 5
Executive Appropriations Committee and Subcommittees -- Interim

JR3-2-501 Meetings -- Accountable process budget creation -- Appropriation reviews.


(a) During the interim, the Executive Appropriations Committee shall meet at least every other month on the day before interim meetings.

(b) The appropriations subcommittee chairs may attend these meetings and provide input regarding their budget.

(2) Appropriation subcommittees shall meet at least once during the interim and may also hold additional meetings if authorized by the Legislative Management Committee.


(a) Each interim, each appropriations subcommittee shall create an accountable process budget for approximately 20% of the budgets that fall within the appropriation subcommittee’s responsibilities.

(b) Each appropriations subcommittee shall ensure that each of the budgets for which the appropriations subcommittee has responsibility is the subject of an accountable budget process at least once every five years.


(a) The Executive Appropriations Committee may, based on a legislator’s or citizen’s complaint, review any appropriation, whether in an appropriations bill or otherwise, to ensure that the entity to which the funds were appropriated complies with any legislative intent expressed in the legislation appropriating the funds.

(b) If the Executive Appropriations Committee finds that an entity has not complied with any legislative intent concerning an appropriation expressed in the legislation appropriating the fund, the committee may make a recommendation concerning the appropriation to the entity receiving the funds and the Legislative Management Committee.

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