Title j joint Conventions and Joint Committees Chapter 1

Part 2 Standing Committees

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Part 2
Standing Committees

JR3-2-201 Standing committees.

          The chairs of similar standing committees in the House and Senate may convene a joint standing committee meeting to discuss legislation of common interest with the approval of both the speaker of the House and president of the Senate.

Repealed and Re-enacted by H.J.R. 15, 2017 General Session
Part 3
Creation and Organization

JR3-2-301 Joint Appropriations Committee -- Creation.

          The Joint Appropriations Committee of the Legislature consists of all the members of the Legislature.

Enacted by H.J.R. 9, 2006 General Session

JR3-2-302 Joint appropriations subcommittees -- Creation -- Membership.

          The members of the Joint Appropriations Committee shall be divided into the following joint appropriations subcommittees:

(1) Infrastructure and General Government;

(2) Business, Economic Development, and Labor;

(3) Executive Offices and Criminal Justice;

(4) Social Services;

(5) Higher Education;

(6) Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environmental Quality;

(7) Public Education; and

(8) Retirement and Independent Entities.

Amended by H.J.R. 15, 2017 General Session

JR3-2-303  President and speaker to appoint committee members, chairs, and vice chairs.


(a) Subject to Subsection (2), the president of the Senate and speaker of the House shall appoint their respective members to each committee.


(i) The president of the Senate shall designate one senator in each committee as the Senate chair.

(ii) The speaker of the House shall designate one representative in each committee as the House chair and one representative in each committee as the House vice chair.

(2) The Retirement and Independent Entities subcommittee shall have the same members as the Retirement and Independent Entities Committee created in Utah Code Section 63E-1-201.

(3) A vice chair may perform the duties of a chair:

(a) as requested by the chair; or

(b) in the absence of the chair.

(4) The chair, or the vice chair as authorized under Subsection (3), may designate a member of the committee to conduct a committee meeting when neither the chair nor the vice chair is able to attend a meeting.

(5) A committee member designated under Subsection (4) may conduct a committee meeting but may not perform the duties of a chair described in JR3-2-603 and JR3-2-604.

(6) The Office of the Legislative Fiscal Analyst shall staff the joint appropriations subcommittees.

Enacted by H.J.R. 15, 2017 General Session
Part 4

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