Title j joint Conventions and Joint Committees Chapter 1

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Title JR3. Joint Conventions and Joint Committees

Chapter 1
Joint Conventions

JR3-1-101 Process for calling and conducting -- Scope.


(a) The president of the Senate and the speaker of the House may, by mutual consent, call joint conventions of the two houses and shall include in the call the purpose for which the joint convention is called.

(b) Joint conventions shall be held in the chambers of the House of Representatives, with the president of the Senate presiding.

(2) At the time fixed for the joint convention:

(a) the House of Representatives shall prepare to receive the Senate; and

(b) the Senate shall proceed to the chamber of the House of Representatives.

(3) The secretary of the Senate and the chief clerk of the House of Representatives shall:

(a) act as secretaries of the joint convention; and

(b) enter the proceedings of the convention in the journal of at least one house.

(4) At a joint convention, members of either house may not engage in the transaction of any business other than that for which they were assembled.

Enacted by H.J.R. 9, 2006 General Session

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