Title: Intro to Evolution: How Did We Get Here? Grade Level

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For each pair or group of students:

For the class:

Prep for Teachers:

Prior to teaching this lesson, you will need to:
Preview all of the video segments and websites used in the lesson.
Download the video clips used in the lesson to your classroom computer(s) or prepare to watch them using your classroom’s Internet connection.
Bookmark all websites that you plan to use in the lesson on each computer in your classroom. Using a social bookmarking tool such as delicious.com or diigo (www.diigo.com) (or an online bookmarking utility such as portaportal) will allow you to organize all the links in a central location.

If you will be using handouts of the Voyage of the Beagle excerpts, “A timeline of life on earth” and “How Ida fits into the primate family tree” PDFs instead of asking students to view them on computers, make enough copies of the documents to distribute to students.

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