Title: History of the Olympic Games Which of the following statements is

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Title: History of the Olympic Games

1. Which of the following statements is not true?

a. The ancient Olympic Games began in Greece as a religious celebration.

b. The ancient Games were cancelled by the Romans, who viewed them as pagan worship of gods.

c. The modern Olympics were recreated by Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a French educator, as an international competition for amateur athletes.

*d. Hosting of the Olympic Games rotates from country to country based on the recommendations of the United Nations.

Title: Olympic Motto

2. The Olympic motto is the Latin phrase citius, altius, fortius, which means

a. fair, brave, and strong

*b. faster, higher, stronger

c. I saw, I came, I conquered

d. courage, heart, and determination
Title: United States Olympic Committee (USOC)

3. The United States Olympic Committee was created as the coordinating body for all Olympic related athletic activities

*a. by the Amateur Sports Act of 1978 of the U.S. Congress

b. by President Woodrow Wilson in 1932

c. by vote of American citizens in 1950

d. by the International Olympic Committee in 1892

Title: From Nationalism to Economics

4. The Olympic Games moved away from the traditional nationalistic model because of

a. the inclusion of professional athletes in some sports

b. the trend toward international cooperation and peace

*c. the huge commercial and financial impact of the Games as a result of television and corporate sponsorship

d. the change in rules to deemphasize national interests

Title: From Amateurs to Professional Athletes

5. The change from restricting the Olympic Games to amateur athletes to welcoming professional athletes was not a result of

a. the increase in under-the-table payments to supposedly amateur athletes

b. fulfilling the goal to have the best athletes in the world compete regardless of amateur or professional status

c. the urging of International Olympic Committee president Juan Antonio Samaranch of Spain

*d. a benefit to American athletes

Title: Popularity of the Olympic Games on Television

6. During the Athens Olympics in 2004, what percentage of the U.S. population watched the Games?

a. 30%

b. 60%

*c. 70%

d. 85%
Title: Medal Winners by Country

7. Although the United States and the Soviet Union have long dominated the medal race in the Olympics, trends show that the next country that will likely contend for the top spot is

a. Germany

b. Japan

*c. China

d. India
Title: 1972 Munich Olympic Games

8. The legacy of the Munich Games is

a. the unprecedented winning of four gold medals by American swimmer Mark Spitz

b. the boycott of the Games by the American team

*c. the murder of 11 Israeli athletes by Palestinians

d. the first appearance of the Dream Team in basketball
Title: Funding for the United States Olympic Committee

9. Funds to support American Olympic athletes do not come from

*a. the U.S. government

b. corporate sponsors

c. television rights

d. individual citizen donors

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Title: Illegal Drugs in the Olympic Games

10. In recent years, controversy over the use of illegal drugs has been a dark shadow over Olympic competition. What can be done to reverse this unfortunate trend?

a. Authorities can implement more sophisticated, unannounced year-round drug testing for all competitors; support research for new testing methods to keep up with new illegal drugs and masking agents; and enforce severe penalties for infractions, including lifetime bans, substantial fines, and incarceration for athletes, trainers, coaches, and officials who are judged guilty of using or are accessories to the use of illegal substances.
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