Title exploring the Byzantine Empire vsol standards Addressed

MATERIALS: What resources will be used during the lesson (e.g., books, articles, newspapers, maps, hand-outs, filmstrip)? List all items needed for the lesson

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MATERIALS: What resources will be used during the lesson (e.g., books, articles, newspapers, maps, hand-outs, filmstrip)? List all items needed for the lesson.

  • Video clip

  • Reading packets

  • Markers/colored pencils

  • Sheets of paper

  1. PROCEDURES: Description of instructional approaches/teaching: what you and the students will do in the lesson – you should have a variety of activities. What learning activities/skills will students be engaged in? (e.g., lecture, discussion, group work, writing assignment, student presentation, silent reading, watching video).


  • Introduction of lesson (5 minutes)

  • Video (5-10 minutes)

  • Individual reading + answering guiding questions (10-15 minutes)

  • Advertisement Activity (50 minutes)

  • Exit pass (5-10 minutes)

1. Introduction of lesson (5 minutes)

At the beginning of the lesson, I will briefly introduce the lesson for the day and explain that the students will be exploring the Byzantine Empire.

2. Video (5-10 minutes)

I plan to show a brief video that helps introduce the Byzantine Empire and link it with the fall of the Roman Empire. I will ask students to think about the major accomplishments of the Byzantine Empire, and to write them down as they watch.


“Byzantium: Envy of the World Part I” – conor845

3. Individual reading + guiding questions (10-15 minutes)

After the video, I will explain the advertisement activity. I will tell the students that they will be placed into groups of four, and that each student will be responsible for doing a brief reading about one aspect of the Byzantine Empire. Each student will become the “expert” for their reading, and will briefly explain their reading to the rest of their group. I will pass out the papers, and give the students approximately 15 minutes to read and answer the short comprehension questions. While the students are reading, I will go around and give each student a number so that they will be able to meet with the corresponding group after the reading.

4. Advertisement Activity (50 minutes)

After the students have completed the readings, I will put them in groups so that each group has one person from each reading. The students will be asked to create an advertisement convincing people to move the Constantinople. Before students create the advertisement, I will ask them to share with their group the big idea from their reading. Then they will work together to create the advertisement with a memorable slogan, a map showing where Constantinople is located, a paragraph describing the city’s geography, government, religion, and daily life. I will explain to the students that they are trying to identify the most appealing parts of the Byzantine Empire and Constantinople, and “sell” them to people considering moving to Constantinople. Each group may go and get a laptop computer for further research if they wish. After the groups are done with the advertisements, they will place them around the room, and each group will be asked to wander and observe the finished products.

5. Exit pass (10 minutes)

After the students have finished observing the final products, I will ask them to write down 3 things they learned about the Byzantine Empire during the lesson. The students will turn in the exit pass when they are finished.

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