Title: Catherine the Great

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Leader Analysis Sheet

Name of Leader:

Catherine the Great

Lifespan died in 1796

Title: Catherine the Great



Years in Power 1729-96

Political, Social, & Economic Conditions Prior to Leaders Gaining Power
Women had greater freedom and attend public cultural events

Serfdom was the main form of labor

The economy was stabilized by the hard labor of the serfs and increasing tax on the peasants

Russian elite was cut off from its traditions to enhance state power

New manufacturing occurred using serf labor not paid wages

Economic development was to support military strength

Peter the 3rd took power but his wife would have him killed off

Economic efforts were on building up metallurgical and mining industries

Landlords held power over serf labor

Ideology, Motivation, Goals:
Catherine a German born princess worked to take power which she would do with his death

Had many of the same goals and interests as Peter the Great in many respects

Wanted to dethrone her husband which she would do

A selective westernize

Flirted with the ideas of the French enlightenment

Patronized the arts

Advocate of a strong tsarist hand and a centralizer

Significant Actions & events During Term of Power
Dethroned her Husband and kept her son always from power

Reform commissions to create new law codes and other Western style measures including reduction of severe punishments

Gave new powers to the nobles over their serfs as a trade for nobles to serve a strong central government

Increased the harshness of punishments nobles could decree for their serfs

Resumed campaigns against the Ottoman Empire winning new territories

Short-Term effects:
War with Ottoman Empire

Accelerated colonization of holding in Siberia and exploration

Pressed Russia’s interest in Europe playing politics with Prussia and Austria
Increased interference into Polish affairs

Long-Term Effects
Won land in central Asia including the Crimea near the black sea
No major wars were fought during these politic games
Allowed for the partition of Poland 1772 1793 and 1795 divided Poland up
After Catherine death Russia had experienced extraordinary development

Had a strong central state and new economy

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