Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

Part 7 Operation and Maintenance

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Part 7
Operation and Maintenance

63A-5b-701 Operation and maintenance for state facilities.

(1) As used in this section, “maintenance functions” means all programs and activities related to the operation and maintenance of a state facility, including preventive maintenance and inspection.


(a) The director shall direct or delegate maintenance functions for an agency, except for:

(i) the State Capitol Preservation Board; and

(ii) an institution of higher education.

(b) The director may delegate responsibility for maintenance functions to an agency only if:

(i) the agency requests the responsibility; and

(ii) the director determines that:

(A) the agency has the necessary resources and skills to comply with maintenance functions standards approved by the director; and

(B) the delegation would result in net cost savings to the state as a whole.

(c) The State Capitol Preservation Board and an institution of higher education are exempt from division oversight of maintenance functions.

(d) An institution of higher education shall comply with the division’s facility maintenance functions standards.


(a) An institution of higher education shall annually report to the division, in a format required by the division, on the institution of higher education’s compliance with the division’s maintenance functions standards.

(b) The division shall:

(i) prescribe a standard format for reporting compliance with the division’s maintenance functions standards;

(ii) report to the Legislature on the compliance or noncompliance with the standards; and

(iii) conduct periodic audits to ensure that institutions of higher education are complying with the standards and report the results of the audits to the Legislature.

Enacted by Chapter 152, 2020 General Session

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