Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-4-104 Course-of-construction insurance for facilities constructed by This is the Place Foundation

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63A-4-104 Course-of-construction insurance for facilities constructed by This is the Place Foundation.

          The risk manager may provide course-of-construction insurance for facilities constructed by This is the Place Foundation at This is the Place State Park and bill the Division of Parks and Recreation for the cost of the insurance.
Enacted by Chapter 225, 1998 General Session
Part 2
Risk Management Fund

63A-4-201 Risk Management Fund created -- Administration -- Use.


(a) There is created the Risk Management Fund, which shall be administered by the risk manager.

(b) The fund shall cover property, liability, fidelity, and other risks as determined by the risk manager in consultation with the executive director.

(2) The risk manager may only use the fund to pay:

(a) insurance or reinsurance premiums;

(b) costs of administering the fund;

(c) loss adjustment expenses;

(d) risk control and related educational and training expenses; and

(e) loss costs which at the time of loss were eligible for payment under rules previously issued by the executive director under the authority of Section 63A-4-101.

(3) In addition to any money appropriated to the fund by the Legislature, the risk manager shall deposit with the state treasurer for credit to the fund:

(a) any insured loss or loss expenses paid by insurance or reinsurance companies;

(b) the gross amount of all premiums and surcharges received under Section 63A-4-202;

(c) the net refunds from cancelled insurance policies necessary to self-insure previously insured risks, with the balance of the proceeds to be refunded to the previously insured agencies;

(d) all refunds, returns, or dividends from insurance carriers not specifically covered in Subsections (3)(a), (b), and (c);

(e) savings from amounts otherwise appropriated for participation in the fund; and

(f) all net proceeds from sale of salvage and subrogation recoveries from adverse parties related to losses paid out of the fund.


(a) Pending disbursement, the risk manager shall provide surplus money in the fund to the state treasurer for investment as provided in Title 51, Chapter 7, State Money Management Act.

(b) The state treasurer shall deposit all interest earned on invested fund money into the fund.

Amended by Chapter 303, 2011 General Session

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