Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-3-302 Unpaid accounts receivable -- Political subdivision agreement with local agency

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63A-3-302 Unpaid accounts receivable -- Political subdivision agreement with local agency.

(1) If any account receivable at any point has been unpaid for 90 days or more, any agency or other authority of the state, or any political subdivision responsible for collection of the account may proceed under this part to collect the delinquent amount.


(a) A political subdivision may enter into an agreement with a local agency under which the local agency, for a reasonable fee that the political subdivision and local agency agree upon, prepares and submits the political subdivision’s accounts receivable for collection as provided in this part.

(b) Notwithstanding an agreement under Subsection (2)(a), a participating political subdivision shall:

(i) establish an agreement with the division for submitting delinquent accounts receivable under this part; and

(ii) with respect to the accounts receivable that the participating political subdivision submits through a local agency for collection under this part:

(A) receive and respond to an administrative hearing requested under Section 63A-3-305; and

(B) administer an adjudicative proceeding required under Section 63A-3-306.

Amended by Chapter 297, 2020 General Session

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