Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-14-603 Record -- Recording of meetings

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63A-14-603 Record -- Recording of meetings.


(a) Except as provided in Subsection (1)(b), an individual may not use a camera or other recording device in a meeting authorized by this chapter.

(b) The commission shall keep an audio or video recording of all portions of each meeting authorized by this part.

(c) If the commission elects, by a majority vote, to release in a public meeting the commission’s finding that an allegation in the complaint has merit, the commission may, upon a majority vote of the commission, open the public meeting to cameras or other recording devices.

(2) In addition to the recording required in Subsection (1)(b), the chair shall ensure that a record of the meeting is made, that includes:

(a) official minutes taken during the meeting, if any;

(b) copies of all documents or other items admitted into evidence by the commission;

(c) copies of any documents or written orders or rulings issued by the chair or the commission; and

(d) any other information that a majority of the commission or the chair directs.

(3) Except for a finding prepared by the commission that is classified as public under Section 63A-14-605, any recording, testimony, evidence, or other record of a meeting authorized by this chapter is a private record under Section 63G-2-302 and may not be disclosed.

Enacted by Chapter 426, 2013 General Session

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