Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-2-102 Director of division -- Appointment

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63A-2-102 Director of division -- Appointment.

(1) The executive director shall appoint the director of the Division of Purchasing and General Services with the approval of the governor.

(2) The purchasing director is also the state’s chief procurement officer.

Amended by Chapter 98, 2015 General Session

63A-2-103 Duties and authority of purchasing director -- Subscribing to mailing system and electronic central store -- Fee schedule.

(1) The purchasing director:

(a) shall operate, manage, and maintain:

(i) a central mailing service; and

(ii) an electronic central store system for procuring goods and services;

(b) shall, except when a state surplus property contractor administers the surplus property program, operate, manage, and maintain the surplus property program;

(c) shall, when a state surplus property contractor administers the surplus property program, oversee the state surplus property contractor’s administration of the surplus property program in accordance with Part 4, Surplus Property Services; and

(d) may establish microfilming, duplicating, printing, addressograph, and other central services.


(a) Each state agency shall subscribe to all of the services described in Subsection (1)(a), unless the director delegates the director’s authority to a state agency under Section 63A-2-104.

(b) An institution of higher education, the State Board of Education, a school district, or a political subdivision of the state may subscribe to one or more of the services described in Subsection (1)(a).


(a) The purchasing director shall:

(i) prescribe a schedule of fees to be charged for all services provided by the division after the purchasing director:

(A) submits the proposed rate, fees, or other amounts for services provided by the division’s internal service fund to the Rate Committee established in Section 63A-1-114; and

(B) obtains the approval of the Legislature, as required by Section 63J-1-504;

(ii) ensure that the fees are approximately equal to the cost of providing the services; and

(iii) annually conduct a market analysis of fees.

(b) A market analysis under Subsection (3)(a)(iii) shall include a comparison of the division’s rates with the fees of other public or private sector providers if comparable services and rates are reasonably available.

Amended by Chapter 488, 2019 General Session

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