Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-12-109 State Archives Fund created -- Donations -- Use of money -- Reporting

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63A-12-109 State Archives Fund created -- Donations -- Use of money -- Reporting.

(1) There is created an expendable special revenue fund known as the “State Archives Fund.”

(2) The fund consists of money or other assets deposited in the fund from:

(a) a donation;

(b) a deposit;

(c) a contribution;

(d) a gift;

(e) an endowment;

(f) a devise; and

(g) a bequest of real property, personal property, or service.

(3) The division shall use the fund money for:

(a) the purpose specified by the grantor, if any; or

(b) if no purpose is specified by the grantor, the preservation of and access to the archival records and exhibits.


(a) The fund shall earn interest.

(b) The state treasurer shall deposit all interest earned on money in the fund into the fund.

(5) The division shall annually report on the use of the fund to an appropriation subcommittee designated by the Executive Appropriations Committee as part of the appropriation subcommittee’s budgetary process under Title 63J, Chapter 1, Budgetary Procedures Act.

Amended by Chapter 400, 2013 General Session

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