Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-12-106 Certified and microphotographed copies

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63A-12-106 Certified and microphotographed copies.

(1) Upon demand, the state archives shall furnish certified copies of a record in the state archives’s exclusive custody that is classified public or that is otherwise determined to be public under this chapter by the originating governmental entity, the State Records Committee created in Section 63G-2-501, or a court of law. When certified by the state archivist under the seal of the state archives, a copy has the same legal force and effect as if certified by the originating governmental entity.

(2) The state archives may microphotograph records when the state archives determines that microphotography is an efficient and economical way to care, maintain, and preserve the record. A transcript, exemplification, or certified copy of a microphotograph has the same legal force and effect as the original. Upon review and approval of the microphotographed film by the state archivist, the source documents may be destroyed.

(3) The state archives may allow another governmental entity to microphotograph records in accordance with standards set by the state archives.

Amended by Chapter 254, 2019 General Session

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