Title 63A. Utah Administrative Services Code Chapter 1

A-9-401.5 Vehicle fleet cost efficiency plans -- Requirements -- Contents -- Submission by agencies

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63A-9-401.5 Vehicle fleet cost efficiency plans -- Requirements -- Contents -- Submission by agencies.

(1) The division shall develop and coordinate the implementation of a statewide vehicle fleet cost efficiency plan to ensure continuing progress toward statewide overall cost reduction in government vehicle costs. The plan shall include:

(a) goals for vehicle fleet cost efficiency;

(b) a summary of agency submitted plans, statistics, and progress;

(c) standard measures of cost including:

(i) vehicle cost per mile;

(ii) total vehicles;

(iii) total fuel used; and

(iv) miles per gallon of fuel;

(d) goals for purchasing the most economically appropriate size and type of vehicle for the purposes and driving conditions for which the vehicle will be used;

(e) cost reduction measures which may include:

(i) reducing vehicle engine idle time;

(ii) driving fewer miles;

(iii) using car pools when possible;

(iv) avoiding rush hour traffic;

(v) reducing aggressive driving;

(vi) providing proper preventative maintenance including properly inflated tires; and

(vii) purchasing from state fuel sites and using the lowest octane fuel needed for the altitude;

(f) reducing inventories of underutilized vehicles; and

(g) education to inform drivers of their accountability on implementing cost reduction measures.

(2) The division shall assist agencies to develop and implement their own plans in accordance with this part.

(3) Each agency that owns or leases vehicles shall develop, implement, and submit to the division under Section 63A-9-402, a vehicle fleet cost efficiency plan for their agency in accordance with the provisions under Subsection (1). The plan shall include agency goals and statistics, and a report of agency progress.

Enacted by Chapter 106, 2007 General Session

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