Tinker: a programming by Demonstration System for Beginning Programmers by Henry Lieberman Media Laboratory Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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Figure 3: Tinker's Main Menu

The first two operations on Tinker’s menu, TYPEIN and EVAL/Don't EVAL allow the user to introduce new Lisp expressions into Tinker's Snapshot Window. The third operation designates an existing expression as a new example for a function. The remaining operations edit expressions in the snapshot window, and finally the last operation, RETURN, signals the end of a function definition.

To start defining the Stack function, we imagine that such a function had already been defined, and show Tinker how we would call it in our example. We set up the blocks world illustrated below, and call Stack on two arguments, Block-A and Block-B. We assign the name From to Block-A and the name To to Block-B. These are the arguments to the Stack function. Thus, Block-A becomes an example of a From block, and Block-B is an example of a To block.

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