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P. = politics (laws, constitution, systems, civics, discipline, crime, punishment, military, war)

R. = religion (variety, purpose, influences, beliefs, traditions, values, practices, codes)

E. = economics (theories/policies, currency, influences, interest rates, finance, businesses, commerce)

S. = society (values, beliefs, norms, mores, customs, traditions, behaviors, family, friendships)

T. = technology (science, medicine, industry, agriculture, consumer goods, transportation, war)

I. = intellectual movements and arts (education, influences, philosophy, theories, reason, logic, art)

G. = geography (features, climate, weather, influences, biology, environment, life cycle, resources)

E. = eras and themes (Examples: Reformation, Renaissance, Enlightenment, Roaring ‘20s, Cold War)
Your task is exciting. It is to examine a modern American history topic of interest in a meaningful way. Consider the vast range and deep meaning of various ideas, events, and people. You can narrow it down to the causes, nature, and/or the effects of that topic. Verify your proposed topic with me. Perhaps you could explore: the music of the Jazz era, the counter-culture of the 1960s, etc), the fad and fashion, the role of women in war and peacetime, racial issues (tension, riots/violence, resistance, assimilation), entry into—nature of—or impact of a war (WWI, WWIII, Korea, Vietnam, etc), comparative approach of 2 wars, technological innovations and inventions, a particular SCOTUS case, a particular law, a president or other state or national leader or military figure, the Great Crash, the Great Depression and FDR’s New Deal approach (good, bad?) NATO and/or the United Nations, medicine/health care debates, gender equality/rights, suffrage movement, Native Americans or other subgroups, Interstate Highway System (“Eisenhower Boulevard”), car culture, NASA, Space Race, Cold War Espionage (U2 spy plan, Rosenbergs, etc), key literary figures and publication, economic downturns/recessions and rebounds, religious awakening (Religious Right), TMI accidents, natural disasters, Civil Rights issues, professional/collegiate sports, Watergate Scandal and Nixon’s resignation, a disputed POTUS election (2000, 2008, 2012, etc), analyze and interpret or compare/contrast two or more relevant documents (SCOTUS decision, Inaugural Address, law, etc.)

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