Timeline of Events Leading to the Revolutionary War

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Timeline of Events Leading to the Revolutionary War

Create a timeline that contains a minimum of ten events that are considered important in leading the country into conflict. These events can be laws that were passed, conflicts that occurred or important political events that took place. These events must be somehow connected to or linked in some way to the tension that led to the conflict that became known as the Revolutionary War.

The timeline must contain:

1. Typed Title/Heading (Events Leading to the Revolutionary War)

2. Name and HR in a corner at the bottom (typed)

3. 10 events minimum

4. Pictures – A picture for each event

5. An actual line with dots on it for each event in chronological order.

6. Date of each event, connected with a line to the corresponding dot on

the actual time line.

7. A second paper with an /identification of what each event is. (typed)

(This portion is for Social Studies only)

8. Staple the two papers together and hand in. Print a separate copy of

the timeline and hand it in to Mrs. Polokow.

This timeline is a major grade for this trimester. It is also a major project for your computer class. The computer grade will be based on the making of the timeline, not the list of events with their identifications/explanations. If you miss the computer class, please make arrangements to make up the time. You will be given 2 computer classes to complete the actual timeline. You may need to use your own computer to type up the paper that explains each event.

Student Name ____________________________________________________________

Project is due by: _________________________________________________________ .

Download 3.98 Kb.

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