Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

Fu-Sung Frank Chiang, Kelvin Chen, Tien-Tsai Tsai, and Cathy Chen

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Fu-Sung Frank Chiang, Kelvin Chen, Tien-Tsai Tsai, and Cathy Chen



Tilapia farming is becoming an important type of aquaculture in the regions of both Central and South Americas and Caribbean Sea. It also has been regarded as one of the major project fields by Taiwan’s International Cooperation and Development Fund (TaiwanICDF) under which technical missions have been dispatched to various countries. A regional tilapia culture training workshop sponsored by TaiwanICDF in Honduras was held on March 14-25, 2011. Three main courses were offered in this 2-week training workshop: (1) tilapia breeding technology; (2) aquaculture project development and management; and (3) tilapia marketing planning and farmers’ organization. Course on tilapia breeding was the core of this workshop. It included classroom lecture and field practice. The field practice was about 60% of the training hours. In addition to three courses offered above, each participant from 8 countries was required to present an in-class country report on the current status and development of aquaculture sector in the first day of the workshop to exchange and share the information on each country’s aquaculture development. In the end of the workshop, an oral presentation was also required for each participant to report their learning, progresses and accomplishments from this workshop. The goal was to help assisting the development of local tilapia farming sector, to enable local trainees to apply facilities and/or materials in tilapia farming, and to transfer the Taiwan’s tilapia farming know-how and technology.

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