Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

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Involvement of Army

It was during the period of care-taker government, the army officers were trying to work closely with grass-root people and local governments. In a routine program they visited the cage culture activities and expressed their desire to help poor people through cage culture from their benevolent fund. Accordingly they organized 80 landless riverside-dweller-families and set 80 cages for them. The local government was involved in the committee for better run of the project. The then Army Chief inaugurated the program by stocking tilapia in cages and media highlighted it. As a result various departments, local elites, media correspondents paid more attention to the activities which got the national coverage by mass-media. As a result some people from different part of the country came to visit Chandpur and thereafter some of them introduced cage culture in their places. Although there is no actual number of cages and production, it has spread many parts of the country.

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