Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

Training and Field Visits

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Training and Field Visits

After the successful introduction of cage culture in Chandpur, the Department of Fisheries, Bangladesh, concentrated its activities and efforts at the community level. Fisheries Training Institute, Chandpur offered training on cage culture where necessary facilities required for the hand-on practical training were developed gradually. Using the practical working experience, a 7-day training module has been developed which is used in all training centers for training to the farmers as well as department staff. DoF has trained 167 Field Assistances (helping hand of Upazila Fisheries Officers), 78 Upazila Fisheries Officers (extension workers in Upazilas) and 148 investors so far. In addition, DoF arranged visits for 48 District Fisheries Officers to Chandpur to share the of experience cage culture. Similarly, DoF arranged the same type of visits for 42 enthusiastic fish farmers from different areas of the country. As a result of this attempt in combination with the efforts made by other organizations such as BFRI and others, over 70 mono-sex tilapia hatcheries exist in Bangladesh which supply high quality fry to the cage well as pond farmers throughout the country.

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