Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

Public-Private Partnership II: Pioneer Hatchery

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Public-Private Partnership II: Pioneer Hatchery

Number of interested cage farmers increased, so the demand for mono-sex fry. As a result it was felt that the single SRT hatchery was not enough to supply adequate fry. In 2006, a Pangus farmer Mr Mosharef Hossain Chowdhury from Chandpur near the cage culture area expressed his interest to establish a tilapia hatchery. Then the second private monosex hatchery named “Pioneer Fisheries & Hatchery” was started at the end of 2006, which started supplying seeds in 2007 (Fig. 1). This hatchery played key role in booming the cage culture through supplying quality seeds. As this hatchery was the second one, with the experience from the first one, the setup is far better equipped and well-organized as it was known from where to collect the materials and how to construct the facilities. Thus, the annual production of this hatchery reached up to 100 millions of seeds.

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