Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

Introduction of Cage Culture in Dakatia River, Chandpur

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Introduction of Cage Culture in Dakatia River, Chandpur

During the establishment of Ambar Fisheries and Hatchery, a net factory at Comilla, 60 km away from the hatchery, was communicated about the demand / need of a large amount of netting materials required to prepare hapas. It was also revealed that the Managing Director visited Thailand several times for the raw materials of net-production and who was also encouraged to initiate cage culture. As a result, interest in producing the cage-nets was started. After getting technical specification, nylon nets suitable for cage culture started. Initial trials with some 40 cages in Dakatia River in September 2002 were funded by the net factory itself. For the trial, initially Indian major carps were used with feeding of hand-made feeds using feeding trays but without a success. Failure was due to jumping nature of the carps against the water current, low growth and occurrence of diseases. Even then the trial continued with shrimps and Thai Sarputi (Barbodes gonionotus), but still with no good result. Finally, mono-sex tilapia fry were selected which was the turning point for the success of tilapia cage culture. The fish got marketable size in six months. After a year of success operation people of surrounding areas were suggested to apply the same technique.

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