Tilapia culture in trinidad and tobago: yet another update

Public-Private Partnership I: Ambar Hatchery

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Public-Private Partnership I: Ambar Hatchery

Farmers gradually realized the need of SRT hatchery in their area. Fortunately during the farm visit at Laxmipur district, 15 km away from the station, a private entrepreneur was about to start a fish farm who was in need of technical support to expand the farm. Providing technical supports, a small unit of SRT hatchery was requested to add expanding its area to 40 acres in mid of 2002. The hatchery unit started producing SRT seed commercially from 2003. The brood stock was developed from the GIFT stock from Fish Hatchery and Training Center, Raipur. Annual this hatchery is supplying about 50 millions tilapia. After knowing it, five small farm owners showed their interests in starting tilapia culture. With required technical assistance these farms also started culture of mono-sex tilapia since 2004. Gradually the mono-sex tilapia started getting popularity replacing mixed-sex tilapia farming.

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